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Mourning ceremony of Moharram(1)

On the occasion of the first decade of Muharram, i try for lovers of Iranian culture and traditions of Muslims (Shiites) write here, a summary of the mourning rituals of Imam Hussein (as). In this essay, every night, it will be part of this tradition

23 سپتامبر 2017

Dr. Jalal yousefi

On the occasion of the first decade of Moharram, i try for lovers of Iranian culture and traditions of Muslims (Shiites) write here, a summary of the mourning rituals of Imam Hussein (as). In this essay, every night, it will be part of this tradition.

Rostam tribe

The tribe of Rustam is now resident in a land that a eparchy of the same name. It has been said, Kaykhosro after the resignation of the kingdom, when he went to Mount Dena for a seclusion, stopped at the current Mamassani, and for the services of Rostam to Iran, he gave to him this area and said: I'll give you, the plain  full of gold. In the realm of Rostam is the tribe( Tire):

Mongazouri (Mangoudarzi), Bhmiari (Behmniari), Shosini (Shah Hoseini), Zameni, Dashti, qolloei, Udollahi (Abdollahi), Masiri, Bakhtiyari, Chogi, De teni, oroji, kowli, Perini, Moraskhouni, Nogaki, Marozooni, Giovakeshi, Russi, Pahna Kelahi, Shah Bahrami, Tiratji, Sadat Ana, Sadat Shah Qassim, Sadat Shahzadeh Mirahmad, Sadat Fakhr, Sadat Mokhtari.

 The lifestyle of people in this area in the old days, have been tribal style.of  the bitter and tumultuous events in the region, is can to refer to the wars of Gogestan, Dorag-e Medju and the Tamoradi war with the government. In these wars, Rustam's men defeated the government, but because of treason from within, they were defeated. The last sheriff and khan of this tribe Husseinqoli Khan Rostam was the son of Imam Gholi Khan, who, along with his son Ja'farqoli, and several of the Persian Khans ( Lords- owners) were killed during the land reform 40s.

Rostam area has three types of climate. Warm, cool and temperate. The center of this eparchy is the city of Masiri. Rostam eparchy  is one of the eparchy of fars province.

Mourning ceremony

The people of these areas mourn from the first  of Muharram until the tenth day on the occasion of the martyrdom of the martyrs of Hazrat Aba Abdullah Hussein (AS),  and his companions mourn in the years of 61 AH in the desert of Karbala by the oppressors and the Umayyad, will busy. in the past, the mourning rituals were so: women together in a row and  they put their hands on another neck and men too and they did been mourning. Someone reads a ghost, that he was often a man. Poems were read to Larry's language. Some of the lyrics For example:

I am at the hill overlooking Make and my waist is broken because of the brothers that I have lost.

The world around the tents, dirt on them head falls apart/ Zeinab walks around the tent and calls her brother …. and there are so many examples. the mourning continues.

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