Mourning ceremony of Moharram(2)

tenth night, People flag of mourning (Alalm = Kotal) they are  raised the flag.

25 سپتامبر 2017

Dr. Jalal yousefi

tenth night, People flag of mourning (Alalm = Kotal) they are  raised the flag. The ceremony was so that fabrics around a long timber (pillar of tent or tent) been closed, and  they a bell( Dera) attached to it  and one person was carrying it in front of the crowd, and the rest were looking for him. The flag is made, was carried by one person. He was ALAMDAR(Owner of the flag). Mournful people, while they were mourning, they walked after him and they were told” Where is the owner of Hussein's flag?” Ashura night, People have mourning until the morning. they take nightlife. In the morning when the air is turned on, they read this poem:” shbaq zathe aza shde/ aza dar hamaja shodo” that's mean: aurora has aroused and been mourning and is surrounded  everywhere by mourning. as well as the Ashura mourning have been continued . People in this decade, they take votive. have been given teas to the people by someone. Women in separate groups of men were mourning. Women often cried. Men wore black clothes.

 In the villages, the ceremony took place in an open space. The people burned fire and moved around. Every night, one or more households catered of people. In the village, usually in the afternoon of Ashura ceremony was finished.

Another ceremony this time, It was a tribute (Shabih Khani) ceremony. I will write later on this.  After the Islamic Revolution, gradually, the ceremony changed. These changes were both in structure and in shape and detail.

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